The Göltzschtal Bridge

The world’s largest brick bridge.

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The Elstertal Bridge

The “little sister of the Göltzschtal Bridge” spans the valley of the Weißen Elster in a spectacular way.

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The Wünschendorf Wooden Bridge

The Elster Bridge was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Today it is a rarity in Thuringia.

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Old Elstertal Bridge in Plauen

The imposing stone bridge already spanned the river at the intersection of two important trade routes almost 800 years ago.

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The Peace Bridge in Plauen

For more than 100 years, the dry-stone bridge across the Syra valley has been a symbol of great engineering performance.

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Royal Komplex Bad Elster

The Royal Convalescence House

Through the Royal Convalescence House, Bad Elster flaunts an important architectural example of the neo-Renaissance era.

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The King Albert Theatre Bad Elster

All year round, the King Albert Theatre offers an outstanding program covering all genres.

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Historic Albert Bad

Get to know an architectural gem, originally built for Saxony’s kings, and let yourself be enchanted by the unique, nostalgic flair.

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Special Architecture

Zeulenroda City Hall

The classicistic-style gem attracts visitors with the famous view from its tower.

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Winkelmann House in Triebes

The oldest house in Triebes is an architectural gem dating back to the days of the Thirty Years’ War.

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Jugenstil Villas

The architecture from the turn of the 20th century has had a great influence in the entire district of Greiz.

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