Castles, Fortresses and Churches

Osterburg Weida

One of the most important contemporary witnesses of its kind in all of Germany.

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Oberes Schloss Greiz

Visible from afar, the Obere Schloss (upper castle) looms over the valley of the Weißen Elster River and has dominated the region for centuries.

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Unteres Schloss Greiz

A prime example of classicist architecture that has roots in the Renaissance era.

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Sommerpalais im Greizer Park

Greiz Summer Palace

The “beautiful sanctuary” house has been home to art and culture for many decades.

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Royal Complex Bad Elster

Historical Spa Architecture as a Living Work of Art.

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Schloss Voigtsberg in Oelsnitz

Schloss Voigtsberg

Since the Middle Ages the defiant walls are an obvious landmark of Oelnitz.

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Schloss Leubnitz

Situated in the middle of an expansive landscaped park, the castle is a magnet for nature lovers.

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Schloß Burgk

Castle Burgk on the river Saale is pictorial surrounded by the district between the river dams of Bleiloch and Hohenwarte.

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Schloss Netzschkau

Late Gothic splendour revives aristocratic life of centuries past.

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Schloss Ronneburg

Visitors have a choice of two museums in the historical ancestral home of the Lords von Ronneburg.

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Schloss Mühltroff

The town’s cultural life takes place where the composer Count Otto Carl Erdmann von Kospoth once resided.

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Mylau Castle

Mylau Castle is one of the most impressive castles in the Vogtland.

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Burg Schönfels in Lichtentanne

This significant fortress from the Middle Ages equally fascinates visitors and archaeologists.

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Burgstein Ruins in Krebes

A wild and romantic historical setting reminiscent of times long past.

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Castle Ruins in Elserberg

In the centre of Elsterberg, high above the town, are the largest castle ruins in Saxony.

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Castle Ruins in Reichenfels

The romantic ruins of a knight’s castle with a local history library are situated in the middle of a conservation area.

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St. Mary’s Protestant Mountain Church in Schleiz

The mountain church high above the town is situated in a park-like mountain cemetery and has been a popular place to visit for more than 800 years.

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St. Vitus Church in Wünschendorf

The oldest church in the Vogtland is more than 1000 years old and is representative of four styles of architecture.

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The Mildenfurth Monastery

Wünschendorf’s two monasteries were once important centres for the entire region.

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St. Laurentius Church in Elsterberg

After the large town fire in 1840, the St. Laurentius Church was completely redone in the neo Romance and neo Gothic styles.

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Luther Church in Plauen

The former God’s Acre Church was given the Reformer’s name on his 400th birthday.

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St. Trinitatis Church in Bad Elster

The architecturally charming, neo-Gothic church is located directly on the church square, across from city hall on the Kirchberg in Bad Elster.

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