The Royal Greizer Park

A wonderful point of attraction for people who like to meander and appreciate landscape architecture.

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Historic Spa Garden Bad Elster

The spa garden started being developed by Eduard Petzold in 1848, which was the year when Bad Elster was appointed as the Royal Saxon State Spa.

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Historic Spa Garden Bad Brambach

The Bad Brambach spa garden invites you to spend peaceful hours on its 16 hectares.

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Bad Köstritz Nature Park

The expansive nature park complete with an animal enclosure is worth a visit at any time of the year.

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Park der Generationen

A colourful variety of flowers

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Adorf Botanical Gardens

With its more than 1,000 plants, the only botanical garden in Saxon’s Vogtland.

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Pöllwitzer Woods

Nature lovers and those on active vacations get their money’s worth in one of the largest wooded areas in Thuringia.

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The Romantic Elstertal

The romantic valley of the Weiße Elster is ideally suited for long walks, hikes or bike tours.

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Nature Preserve Greiz – Werdauer Woods

The nature preserve between Greiz and Werdau is a popular recreation area for locals and visitors throughout the year.

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The Neue Landschaft® Ronneburg

A remarkable cultured landscape was created where once uranium mining dominated the region.

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Steinicht Nature Reserve

Popular amongst hikers, the Steinicht Nature Reserve stretches from the Gippe residential area to the Rentzschmühle.

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Adventure Nature Island Rückersdorf

Many of nature’s secrets can be discovered and experienced up close using all of the senses along the educational trail.

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