“V” for Variety, “V” for Vogtland

Can the Vogtland still be considered an insider tip? No idea! In any case, the Vogtland is perfect for a break from everyday life, because everyday here is filled with possibilities: hiking in the morning or a visit to the spa in the evening? Music on Mondays or a museum visit on Wednesday? A bicycle tour with the family or go to a festival with friends? Everything becomes possible thanks to the Vogtland’s variety. Let’s go!

The Göltzschtal Bridge

The world’s largest brick bridge.

continuezu „The Göltzschtal Bridge“

Sparkasse Vogtland Arena Klingenthal

Europe's most modern large hill at Klingenthal.

continuezu „Sparkasse Vogtland Arena Klingenthal“

Plohn Recreational Park

One of the most popular recreational parks in Germany.

continuezu „Plohn Recreational Park“

Pöhl Reservoir

A Sailing and Nature Paradise.

continuezu „Pöhl Reservoir“

Salt Water Thermal Baths & Sauna Area

Power lies in salt water - float along with it!

continuezu „Salt Water Thermal Baths & Sauna Area“

German Aerospace Exhibition

An unique exhibition about aerospace and space exploration.

continuezu „German Aerospace Exhibition“

Dragon’s Lair in Syrau

Stalactites and underground lakes, not to mention a dragon, bewitch visitors to the cave in Syrau.

continuezu „Dragon’s Lair in Syrau“

Musical Instrument Making in Markneukirchen

An entertaining stroll through the history of musical instrument making – even beyond the Vogtland.

continuezu „Musical Instrument Making in Markneukirchen“

Skiwelt Schöneck

"Skiwelt Schöneck", as the ski resort is also called, is also a certified family ski resort.

continuezu „Skiwelt Schöneck“


800-years old former residence

continuezu „Greiz“

Osterburg Weida

One of the most important contemporary witnesses of its kind in all of Germany.

continuezu „Osterburg Weida“

Waikiki Water World

Hawaiian-style water park woos its guests with South Seas charm

continuezu „Waikiki Water World“

Schloss Voigtsberg Museums

Oelsnitz Rug Museum, Mineral Vault and The Illusorium

continuezu „Schloss Voigtsberg Museums“