Feel the music – the sonorous melodies of the mountains and valleys

The musical instrument making tradition in the Vogtland dates back over more than 350 years.

Alone in Klingenthal, Markneukirchen, Schöneck or Erlbach, there are more than 100 factories and workshops that build all kinds of musical instruments to this day. It is, therefore, no wonder that all corners of the Vogtland are filled with music, some louder than others, but always authentic.

Often the musical sounds echoing throughout the region are due to concerts, festivals or instrumental competitions. These are not only for visitors; music is an integral part of the region. The Vogtland without music is unimaginable. The musical tradition in the entire region has been alive for centuries.

So – open your ears and submerse yourself in the region’s musicality!

Musicon Valley®

Adventure tours for music societies, orchestras and all those interested in music. 

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Royal seats in the Vogtland

Plauen, Greiz and Gera – three former residential cities with modern charm.

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