Museums in the Vogtland

The Vogtland has a wide range of interesting, unique and impressive museums.

Lots for experts, those hungry for knowledge, explorers and museum fans to choose from. Learn interesting facts about the Vogtland, its history and personality while getting to know it in a very special way.

We hope you have lots of fun DISCOVERING us!

Museum Guide for Children and Youth

Schloss Voigtsberg Museums

Oelsnitz Rug Museum, Mineral Vault and The Illusorium

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Museums of the Castle and Residential City Greiz

Diverse collections of different kinds await visitors to the castles in Greiz.

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Museum in the Osterburg in Weida

The region’s history comes alive in a highly modern fashion between medieval walls.

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Musical Instrument Making in Markneukirchen

An entertaining stroll through the history of musical instrument making – even beyond the Vogtland.

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Neuberin Museum Reichenbach

An exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Friederike Caroline Neuber, who at one time reformed German theatre.

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Music and Winter Sports Museum Klingenthal

Music and winter sports have always belonged together here, which is why they also share a museum.

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Heinrich Schütz House in Bad Köstritz

The impressive exhibition is dedicated to the city’s most famous son.

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Plauen Vogtland Museum

The history of the Vogtland is presented splendidly in a house once owned by wealthy cotton dealers.

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State Book and Copperplate Collection in Greiz

Many valuable books and artworks from different centuries can be admired in Greiz.

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Hermann Vogel House in Krebes

The life and works of the Vogtland artist are displayed in his former residence.

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Landwüst Vogtland Open-Air Museum

A rewarding insight into the history of life in the Vogtland between work in the fields and instrument making.

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Eubabrunn Open-Air Museum

Visitors of all ages experience village life with the changing seasons up close.

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Nitschareuth Farm Museum

This is how the Vogtland’s farmers lived and worked during 18th and 19th centuries.

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Mother of Pearl and Local Heritage Museum Adorf

An exceptional collection from the entire region can be found in the city gate of Adorf.

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Saxon Bath Museum Bad Elster

“Sächsisches Bademuseum Bad Elster” focuses on the once world-renowned spa region of Saxony and Bohemia.

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Vogtland-Bohemian Mineral Centre in Schneckenstein

In Schneckenstein, the sparkling treasures of the regional “underworld” are shown in the best light.

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Zeulenroda Municipal Museum

Predominantly furnishings from different eras are on display in this collection.

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Plauen Lace Museum

Since 1984, Germany’s only lace museum presents alternating items from a unique textile industry.

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Ausstellung Wismut Objekt 90 in Ronneburg

Wismut Objekt 90 Exhibition

The exhibition shows both the history of the uranium producer, Wismut, as well as the restructuring of the corporation

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